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Hey Oswald,

the story is pretty simple. We are now focusing on Rewrite, which can be considered as the successor of PrettyFaces. We’ve learned much from the work on PrettyFaces and came to the conclusion, that there are some aspects in the core of PrettyFaces that would have to fundamentally change to implement features that users are requesting. Therefore we started over and created Rewrite, which is a URL rewriting engine which is not tied to JSF but works with every web framework that is build on top of the Servlet API. There is a JSF integration module for Rewrite which can be considered as PrettyFaces 4.0. But note that the way of configuration has fundamentally changed in the JSF integration module!!

There is no more active development happening for PrettyFaces 3.3.x. Therefore we recommend to migrate applications to Rewrite. To simplify the migration to Rewrite, Lincoln created a “PrettyFaces compatibility module”, which basically allows you to keep your existing PrettyFaces configuration (pretty-config.xml and @URLMapping annotations) and use it with Rewrite.

We are still working on more documentation for Rewrite which is very time-consuming task, because Rewrite can do MUCH MORE compared to PrettyFaces. I started to work on a migration guide for PrettyFaces users. It’s still in an early stage, but you can read how to migrate your existing application to Rewrite using the PrettyFaces compatibility module:

However, you wrote that your code doesn’t compile any more. What exactly did you update to? Which artifacts are you using?