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For programmatic navigation I recommend to use the Navigate class, which makes the navigation very simple. I already added a section regarding this to the Migration Guide. Have a look at the “Programmatic navigation” here:

Currently there is nothing like @URLMappings in the Rewrite annotation support. To be honest, after writing many many application using PrettyFaces, I never found a single case where this annotation was useful for me.

IMHO if there are different mappings, they should be seen as different pages, which are independent from each other (that’s what RESTful URLs are all about). So if the page are independent, you should also use different classes for their code. If there is common functionality, you can use an abstract base class. And sharing state between pages is an anti-pattern.

Could you perhaps show an example of code where you think this annotation is useful?

@Tony Herstell:

If I remember correctly, Lincoln fixed a bug regarding cid some time ago. So I think this should be a problem.

If you are using many very similar mappings, I suggest to use a ConfigurationProvider and use a single rule for all e.g. “create pages” like this:

.addRule( Join.path("/{type}/create").to("/pages/{type}/CRUDX{type}.xhtml") )