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Hey Oswald,

I created the migration guide today and therefore it is not linked from the main page yet. 🙂

Which features do you refer to that didn’t make it into rewrite-config-prettyfaceS? If I remember correctly Lincoln used the latest snapshots for creating the module.

Regarding migration: HttpConfigurationProvider can be seen as a replacement for pretty-config.xml. So if you used a central configuration file before, you should use a HttpConfigurationProvider now.

If you used the PrettyFaces annotations before and want to migrate completely to Rewrite, you can use Rewrite’s annotation support. You can have a look at the bookstore sample application to get an idea of how this looks like:

Here is an example bean showing the new annotation syntax:

I’ll spend some more time on the migration guide in the next days. I plan to add a more detailed explanation there. 🙂