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Hi Chris,
I was sure you’d be the first to answer)) I was just unable to find the migration guide, think it deserves better position on the project page)) Now I got it, will test it later today. Btw some of 3.3.x snapshot features didn’t get to the ‘rewrite-config-prettyfaces’, will think of contribution if I don’t decide to migrate to the Rewrite.

As for the migration, I still do not get how do I replace dozens of JSF2 managed beans (having @EJB injections, different scopes, annotated with @URLMapping and @URLAction and having business logic inside) with a subclass(es) of HttpConfigurationProvider. From what I see on the Rewrite examples page, I could say that Rewrite itself is rather a smart proxy than a replacement for the old PrettyFaces, sort of java-based nginx, having almost nothing to do with JSF2. Will be glad to be wrong, but at this moment of time I cant even imagine first steps of the migration process))