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Thank you for your reply…

Could you resolve my error.

public class AuthenticatorJ implements Serializable {

private static final long serialVersionUID = -8038592775972141504L;

private Authentication authentication;

private String emailId;
private String password;

public String getEmailId() {
return emailId;

public void setEmailId(String emailId) {
this.emailId = emailId;

public String getPassword() {
return password;

public void setPassword(String password) {
this.password = password;

public void checkAuthorization(ComponentSystemEvent event) {


public void doLogin() {
System.out.println(“Login called”);


public void doLogout() {



When we logout

url :http://localhost:9090/oaotspmtool/20ffbfce888690759317a2fc7ada/secure/logout

org.ocpsoft.rewrite.exception.RewriteException: No registered org.ocpsoft.rewrite.el.spi.ExpressionLanguageProvider could handle the Expression [#{authenticatorJ.doLogout()}

MY Pretty Config

Another doubt is

How can I redirect url
:http://localhost:9090/oaotspmtool/secure/home.xhtml to