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Hello Lincoln Sir and Christian Sir,

The URL Rewriting is doing fine now. But now there’s another problem.
I’ve send my URL to SERVLET and after doing the processing the Servlet calls RequestDispatcher to FORWARD the request to a JSP page.

The JSP page is also getting called but the STYLESHEET and JAVASCRIPT files linked to that JSP page are not loading.

How can I fix this issue ??

If the styling is included inside the <style> tags then its working but the external .css file isn’t being loaded.

My RULE: .addRule(Join.path(“/{var1}/content/.*”).to(“/myservlet”))

RequestDispatcher dis = request.getRequestDispatcher(“/mypage.jsp”);

ISSUE: mypage.jsp is loading without its CSS and Javascript.

Is it bcoz the stylesheets and scripts are loaded when the page is loaded into the browser while here the page is being called as a result of a forward request.

On doing INSPECT ELEMENT on the browser I saw this msg:
The stylesheet http://localhost:8080/OCPRewrite2.0.8/21/10/tutorial/java/style.css was not loaded because its MIME type, “text/html”, is not “text/css”.

Thanks in advance