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Hi Lincoln,

I have understood. Many thanks! I will give it a try.

The problem with JAX-RS 1.x is that the spec. doesn’t specify client API and you will end up with implementation specific code because you have to configure JAX-RS Application, etc. in web.xml. So, it is not portable across multiple app servers. JBoss has RESTeasy as JAX-RS impl. and WebLogic has Jersey. We have to support both. I could not manage this. JAX-RS 2.0 specifies client API and you are portable, but JAX-RS 2.0 only works in JEE 7 complaint servers (GlassGish 4 currenty) :-).

Therefore, I thought about some simple JAX-RS like annotations. Maybe we can provide 4-6 main annotations for that. We will see.