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Hi, Lincoln!
First of all, thanks for helping. It is something strange, that’s why I couldn’t isolate the problem (to get it happen in another project), which is not executing the POST requests at first try, but from the second one.
I have removed the filters without any difference. The same behavior.

I’ve just had the idea of testing the project in other Tomee version than 1.5.2. Surprisingly, dev version 1.6.0 from 29.07.2013 seems to don’t have this problem. Why didn’t I think at this sooner? 🙁 I had to write separate Servlet components for my post functionalities. Aaaah!

Well, this means that not PrettyFaces was problematic (Huraay!), but, probably, Apache MyFaces, CDI impl. or something else in Tomee.
Uf…I’m so happy that it works now.

Thanks again for trying to help.