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Maybe i described the problem not correct. Tutorial did not disappeard but links from migration guide not works. That means content from menu disappeared :).

PrettyFaces 3.x Migration Guide
1. Migration strategies
2. PrettyFaces compatibility module
2.1. Update your dependencies
2.2. Filter registration
2.3. Test your application

3. JSF integration module
3.1. Adding the Rewrite dependencies
3.2. PrettyFaces XML configuration
3.2.1. URL Mappings
3.2.2. Path Parameters
3.2.3. Page actions

3.3. PrettyFaces Annotations
3.3.1. URL Mappings
3.3.2. Path parameters
3.3.3. Query parameters
3.3.4. Page actions

3.4. Creating links
3.5. Programmatic navigation