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Sorry the late response. I found it strange you were unable to reproduce the problem so I realized that the application server might be the reason why that did not work for me. Hence I tested the app on Glassfish and it the good news is that it works fine. However, we face the issue with Weblogic 12.1.2 and this is the production server used for the project.

Port 8080 -> Glassfish
Port 7001 -> Weblogic

In its original format, the url for the first page is:

Then we applied a rule for that first page.
return ConfigurationBuilder.begin().addRule(Join.path("/step1/{cid}").to("/wizard/firstStep.jsf"));

Once the rewriting applied, the url is:
http://localhost:8080/com.wizard/step1/2 where the number on the right of the last slash is the Conversation identifier.

On Weblogic, here’s the url is obtained:

The rewriting is done but the extension + querystring parameters are appended at the end of the url… I hope these details will help you in your investigation.

Thank you

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