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hey chris,

thats true, but this is our daily business 🙂 and the reason why i had to add a “not contains” expression in:
<pattern value="/#{ /.+/ katName }/[^.]+$"></pattern>
else i would get in trouble with your postet .css example

but one exception keep me up working:

if there is a “ajax” anchor link with a “#” in href, ajax breks with this definition:
<pattern value=”/#{ /.+/ katName }/[^.]+$”></pattern>

(html output)

<a onclick="mojarra.jsfcljs(document.getElementById('j_idt50'),{'j_idt50:j_idt59':'j_idt50:j_idt59'},'');return false" href="#">add to basket</a>

if i hit the ajax link, i get a 404:
(“NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://shop-dev/harddisks/%5B%5E.%5D+$“)
(orign: url -> http://shop-dev/harddisks/18606-harddisks-8602)
do you know what occours the exception ?

thanks christian for your time