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got it working

    <pattern value="/info/#{contentController.viewPage}" /> 
    <view-id value="/META-INF/templates/layout.jsf" />
  	<pattern value="/#{ /.+/ katName }/"></pattern>
 	<view-id value="/kategorien.jsf"></view-id>
  	<pattern value="/#{ /.+/ katName }/[^.]+$"></pattern>
 	<view-id value="/artikelDetails.jsf"></view-id>

categorie directorys like:
-> works -> viewID /kategorien.jsf will be used

article detail Pages like:
-> works -> viewId artikelDetails.jsf will be used

info Pages like:
-> works -> viewID /META/templates/layout.jsf will be used

System Pages like:
-> works -> cos regex pattern exclude the last end of the url if it contains a dot

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