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Oh man great thanks. I did not thought this would be an issue but the unmapped form url was an issue:

The postback url of the form is /sites/foo/foo.xhtml and was unmapped.

I thought I do not need to map it because in my bean logic a redirect takes place if the view-parameter is not provided. But the form uses the raw view-id without view-parameters.

For the solution I did not added any of the above modules. The migration guide is contradictary to the install guide where only the rewrite-servlet must be added, which was sufficient for me.

  • 1. Map the form url using rewrite rule: cb.addRule(Join.path("/foo/").to("/sites/foo/foo.xhtml"));
  • 2. Add the ProxyHTMLURLMap /foo/ / to apache proxy config

Rewritten on proxy this will result into form src /. Empty could also be possible removing trailing slash from pattern.

Curious: Why was it working with pretty-faces where this rule was also not mapped?