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The Rockets won the second half of the sixteenth, the offensive almost as if the mercury spilled, the Mavericks played a little fat ignorant. Although they also all-out offensive, but also only scored very. After halftime, the Rockets 66:53 lead Mavericks of 13 minutes. The two sides first and second opposite score over.

Section Mavericks ahead so multisection, authentic jerseys wholesale ,thirteen points behind at halftime to the great contrast, so that all Mavericks fans and coaches are extremely discontent. Especially sitting and watching Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is a look of cold. Before the game, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban also bluster, said the Rockets is a Detachment of Women, fundamentally vulnerable. But now, half of the big score, let him face is very embarrassing.

TNT television broadcast of the game’s host, also began to study its technology to Zhou Wu. Two people halftime gap, all on Zhou Wu technology for a lot of review. Without exception, two people are the future of Zhou Wu gave high expectations, of course, only high expectations, to say ZHOU Wu could become the first line of league superstars, they still do not think it possible.

And half of the match reports, the reports about Zhou Wu began to rise again, many sites have turned out to Zhou Wu point guard this very interesting. jerseys from china, Non-stop coverage of the Zhou Wu’s every move on the court, even a defensive posture, a lot of people who are in the media or basketball research.

It seems, through these games, Zhou Wu has successfully entered the NBA in the line of sight of most people. Zhou Wu could have been so long as the performance of it, to become a star appears to be very likely. However, for Zhou Wu himself, completely unaware of the outside of a variety of network media, reports about him has been overwhelming it.

In fact, half of the game after the end of Zhou Wu did not get many points, a total of only three points, but his assists is reached twenty-one terror. cheap authentic nfl jerseys ,Half win twenty-one assists guard, if not worth in letters, then the media really too remiss.

The second half began, when Zhou Wu finally sat out to rest, Alstom replace Zhou Wu play, Shane also replaced the defense of poor Hyde. Beginning of the third quarter, the Mavericks began to hit defense, they put a very slow pace, and the Rockets grinding trench warfare. Although the Rockets Yao Ming, but the Mavericks have Dirk Nowitzki master this position, the two sides belong to the sub state.

But the pair finished, the point guard, Jason Terry after blasting Alstom, small forward, Josh Howard also finished blasting his defense Mike James, therefore, as a whole, or the Mavericks advantage. Therefore, nfl jerseys authentic, the third kick after both score became 86:82, the Mavericks to catch the score of only a thin quarter.

Section III, but for Yao Ming to play and Battier desperate defense, is likely to be the go-ahead. However, the advantage of maintaining a quarter into the margins, there are still a little bit of psychological advantage, although this is not a quarter horse, an attack on defense is very likely to be filled, but better than nothing strong.

Critical fourth quarter after the game, Adelman once again brings up the two-guard lineup, Zhou Wu and Alstom while playing. Thus, in the presence of the rest of Yao Ming, the Rockets team is playing the first run and gun tactics, Zhou Wu, Alstom, Francis, Landry, Hayes five individuals are able to run the guy. Five individuals together into a gun, and immediately led the Mavericks offensive and defensive rhythm.

Four minutes later, the Rockets played offensive 12:4 H * tide, Wholesale Coach purses, in one fell swoop again made the score 98:86, points difference widened to twelve. Johnson dissatisfied, angry and kicked his bench kicked over a chair to the ground, he was about to call a pause, the referee suddenly gave him a T, blew him a technical foul.

Johnson also very depressed, he just vent anger hearts, and not for nothing. So he tried to explain what the referee, but do not explain Fortunately, he chattered just explained two, the referee waved his hand, directly to Johnson to ejected. Inside a noisy, fans stood up loudly booed up.