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If you configure the FacesServlet like this

<servlet-name>Faces Servlet</servlet-name>

you should be able to access /faces/home.xhtml by manually entering the URL into your browser. This way PrettyFaces won’t be involved in the request processing. So if this isn’t working, it looks like some other thing in your configuration is not correct.

The server says:

com.sun.faces.context.FacesFileNotFoundException: /home.xhtml Not Found in ExternalContext as a Resource

Are you sure the file home.xhtml exists in the root directory of the webapp? It must be located in the root directory, not in a subdirectory /faces or something like that! Could you check this?

I also think you should try to update Glassfish to 3.1.1 as this version isn’t affected by the NullPointerException bug of 3.1!