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Ah! thank you for reply. Sorry about details information: I use Netbeans, Spring 3.0.1, JSF 2.1, and prettyfacesjsf2-3.3.0, tomcat 7. I use Spring’s context.xml for injection, when i use javax.inject.jar and add annotation @Named and receive error something like class re-declared because I see in your document about @Named annotation but above note if declare by Spring no need CDI… Current i want my url like:

def-ghi: my catalog, is dynamic url return when call any method return url.
jklm-nop-qrs.html: my page .xhtml, dynamic too.

but seem this code error:

<url-mapping id="catalog">
<!-- <action >#{danhmucController.navigator()}</action>--> // usually is a page .xhtml

Thank you, and hopy for soon reply.