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I’ve been getting this same exception every now and then, practically since day 1 in my test environment. In production it isn’t happening so far (touch wood).

When it does happen, all subsequent sessions are “broken” (i.e. sometimes the request is handled correctly, sometimes not). All that helps is to restart Tomcat. Then the issue goes away.

Now I think I may have a clue as to why/when this happens.

Today the issue started happening after I got a rare hibernate exception that wasn’t caught anywhere (missing try/catch in my Filter).

Since the exception propagates all the way into tomcat, my reasoning is that this may have caused one of Tomcat’s worker threads to break, leading to subsequent requests handled by this same thread to get invalid basic parameters (like a null Request value).

I simply added a try {} catch (Exception e) in my Filter, and so far I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem any more (but well I never really was able to reproduce it ;-7 I’ll keep you listers posted.