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Wow !

That’s a fast response ! Thanks for that !

Yes, I use 2.0 implementation

For your first solution, I’ve followed the doc and i tried :

String rewrittenURL = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext()

Unfortunately, it’s doesn’t works.

Your solution(return “/admin/project/steps/create.xhtml?projectId=…”;) is working, i’m redirect to the correct page.

Unfortunately my browser address bar indicate “…./jsp/admin/etapeprojet.xhtml?codeprojet=1”.

That’s not pretty :(

For your second solution, I don’t think I really understand injection management in this case…

I have a controller bean by jsf file : NewProjectController/newProject.xhtml and NewStepController/newStep.xhtml

I don’t understand how to inject the projectId newly created in NewProjectController in NewStepController and simply return “pretty:createNewStep”.

I want to use standalone view/controller and don’t create dependency between controller.

I think in your case, you create a dependency beetween the “NewProjectController” and your “ViewController”.

I’m in the wrong way ?