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I took out my mappings from Seam Faces format in ViewConfig(just to be sure it’s not a Seam prettyfaces integration issue), and put below in pretty-config.xml:

<url-mapping id="eventHome">
<pattern value="/event/#{eventId:}" />
<view-id value="/homes/eventHome.xhtml" />

I tried it with and without : in pattern, neither works.

When I go to http://localhost:8080/event/67, I get The requested resource (/event/67) is not available in browser.

Christian, @RequestParam is from Seam Solder, it injects a request param from request context map. I used what you suggested, still it does not work with /event/67 URL.

I put a breakpoint, the backing bean that has eventId field, does not even get called. So pretty faces is not mapping event/eventid to eventHome.xhtml. but it maps it the other way around.

I’m stuck on this.