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I debugged Prettyfaces, it comes down to this method that’s called from PrettyPhaseListener:

public void injectParameters(final FacesContext context)
log.trace("Injecting parameters");
PrettyContext prettyContext = PrettyContext.getCurrentInstance(context);
URL url = prettyContext.getRequestURL();
UrlMapping mapping = prettyContext.getConfig().getMappingForUrl(url);

if (mapping != null)
injectPathParams(context, url, mapping);
injectQueryParams(context, mapping, prettyContext);

Two cases:

1- when I use /homes/eventHome?eventId=67 Prettyfaces intercepts the request, it does not inject parameters, mappping in above method is null.

2- When I used /event/67 Prettyfaces does not intercept the request, AS7 gives 404 resource not found. What gives?

What do you guys think about above? Also, can you tell me if Prettyfaces work with URLS that go to both patterns and views or only patterns?

It looks like Prettyfaces can map the outbound URL, but does not work with inbound URL mapping.