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Ok i guess i wasn’t detailed enough.

Seam-faces and seam-security give you the option to configure prettyfaces in java code with something like this:


interface Pages{





Where @admin is an annotation that user defines, and seam security understands (only Admins are able to see this page). I like that feature and i would like to continue having that, but with this kind of configuration I cannot execute actions on page loads (I guess seam-faces guys have forgotten about actions).

So i want to keep best of both worlds:

1) Keep pretty-config here in java code so i can restrict roles and stuff like that.

2) Use actions (just like with pretty-config) that can redirect a user if need arises.

I already implemented my on @ViewAction annotation which adds actions to page loads.

All i need now, is the information when does the handling of params such as (‘editCustomer/#{customerId}/’) happens (at what exact time does that happen in JSF 2?). To be more clear: at what JSF phase will the ‘customerId’ be available in FacesContext parameter map?

Another question is:can i somehow programmatically tell prettyfaces: “Look here is the view-url ‘editCustomer/2/’ extract and store parameters for me?

Thanks in advance.