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Hey guys, I looked into the DynaView engine and in order to tell what’s wrong, I need to know which page is not found.

From what you’ve posted so far, it seems like the DynaView method is actually being called just fine. Since your ‘verify – url’ System.out.println() statement does appear.

This makes me think that there’s something else wrong, but without a closer look, it will be hard to tell.

If you could step-debug through com.ocpsoft.pretty.faces.event.PrettyPhaseListener (line 113 – in processDynaView()) – and see what’s actually going on for us, that would help a lot.

Either that or set your log level to TRACE, and see what the DynaView engine tells you is going on:

log.trace("Invoking DynaView method: " + viewId);
log.trace("Forwarding to DynaView: " + viewId);