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What do you mean with “in DEBUG mode”? What is run in DEBUG mode? Do you mean the JSF project stage?

PrettyFaces uses Commons Logging for its logging. Commons Logging automatically detects logging libraries on the classpath (like Log4J) and delegates the log events to them.

If you see a warning regarding a missing Log4J configuration then it seems like there is Log4J on the classpath and not completely configured. If you don’t use Log4J you should remove it from the classpath.

However PrettyFaces and Commons Logging have no influence on how the underlying logging library is configured. If your logging library is configured to emit DEBUG messages for Digester, then it seems like your logging library is not configured correctly. What do you use for your logging?

As far as I can tell you can configure the logging of AS7 in the standalone.xml configuration file. Could you post the relevant parts of this file? Everything inside:

<subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:logging:1.1">