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Hey arg20,

the situation regarding PrettyFaces 4 has changed since the blog post you are referring to. There will be no PrettyFaces 4.0 release like you will probably expect it. Our main focus in last months has been to improve the Rewrite JSF integration module. This JSF module is now at a very stable state and supports nearly everything PrettyFaces 3.x did.

So you could think of it as:

PrettyFaces 4.0 = Rewrite 2.0 + JSF integration module

Currently you have the following options:

  • Keep using PrettyFaces 3.3.x: You could do this. But we don’t recommend that. PrettyFaces 3 is very stable but we won’t add any new feature for it any more, because our focus has shifted to Rewrite.
  • Use Rewrite 2.0 with the PrettyFaces backward compatibility module: There is a Rewrite module that allows you to use your old PrettyFaces 3.x configuration (annotations and XML) to configure Rewrite. This actually means that you will be using Rewrite but won’t have to change any code of your existing application that was built with PrettyFaces 3.x. This is our recommended way for a smooth transition to Rewrite for existing PrettyFaces users. I’m for myself using this module in a project that went into production a few weeks ago. Everything works fine. :)
  • Use Rewrite 2.0 with the JSF integration module: This is the recommended way for new projects. There is a completely new API, but we think it us much more consistent and easier to use. You could have a look at the bookstore showcase application [1] to get an idea of how the new API will look like.

We think the latest Alpha version of Rewrite is very stable. Actually we are planning to do a final API review this week, but I don’t think that there will be many changes. We are VERY close to get Rewrite 2.0 out. I know that we are currently lacking documentation, but that’s something we will address as soon as 2.0 is out. But if you post questions on the forums, you will usually get an answer from the core developers right on time.

BTW: We don’t support XML configuration any more, because we believe that a fluent Java API is much more easy to use from a user perspective. It is very easy to use and you get code completion in your IDE in a way, that you don’t get from XML. So if you are using Rewrite, you will have to configure the framework either by using the fluent Java API (if you want to have the configuration at one single place like in the XML case) or by using annotations (if you like to have the configuration close to the affected code).

I hope this helps to understand the situation a bit. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. :)