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what will be that URL ?? i am using one action class and two xtmls file( 1. loginxhtml whiCH SUBMITS FORM ,2. success.xhml response on successfully login ) request will go to only one action which gets req and res to success.xhmt file i want to know what be the new URL ?

You need to define a second mapping for the success.xhtml page. Either by adding PrettyFaces annotations to the a bean responsible for the success page, or using the pretty-config.xml file.

again its not working.. when i send null in reponse it works but when i send pretty:login (its mapping ID of submit button in form) it looks browser requests server infinity loading circle in firefox revolving continuously and logging in server console looping infinity any idea ??

Did you perhaps mix up page actions with JSF action methods invoked by h:commandButtons? If a page action return a PrettyFaces navigation string that points to the same page, something like this could happen.

Please have a look at the corresponding chapters of the documentation. Especially the chapter describing page actions:

And the chapter describing navigation.

Please also have a look at the sample application I referred to in one of my first posts.