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I don’t think you will see such a huge performance increase, but I challenge you to prove me wrong :) This shouldn’t be difficult to prototype if you want to try it out.

If no parameters are detected in the pattern, Join.path() would simply need return a sub-class of Join which uses a shared Operation lookup-table instead of the current implementation (You can figure out where to store the table, but for now I suggest the ServletContext attributes map, accessible through the Rewrite object passed in to the interface method Condition.evaluate(Rewrite event, EvaluationContext context).

You shouldn’t even need to use the no-parameter Forward and Substitute that you previously implemented. In fact, I recommend against it, because it is possible that the Join rule may depend on other parameters that were defined as in additional conditions when the rule was added, via addRule(Join.path(X).to("/foo.html")).when(Domain.matches("{foo}"))