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I find PrettyFaces very useful when solving non-standard cases. For instance, in a virtual web application I would like a sort of sticky prefix in pages’ URL that would be set upon authentication and further used to distinguish /app1/home from /app2/home. It works for me in JSF w/o Seam Faces example, however I cannot make it working with Seam Faces: not only there is a limited support of URL rewrite in ViewConfig, the normal pretty-config.xml seems completely ignored.

Another problem (rather a Seam 3 problem): Seam 2 provides an arsenal of simple means to restrict access to a page (via pages.xml or annotations). Imagine a financial application with tons of pages and actions where access to a page or action is based on ACL. Do I have to create @ViewConfig interface with hundreds of enum entries or just one entry that is matched against a “universal” permission check method? It is not clear to me and there is nothing in the docs about ACL support by Seam security.

Overall, PrettyFaces is of great help for a developer in solving those daunting problems and the more of its features is available in Seam 3 the better.

Thanks Lincoln and Brian for your replies.