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Hey Frederik,

Pretty urls are no longer automatically constructed when using <h:link> with nested <f:param> tags on other pages that link to my bedrijf.xhtml page.

That is correct. h:link won’t work anymore if you do it this way. One way to get around this would be to use the pretty:link component that ships with PrettyFaces:

Perhaps this would be an acceptable workaround for the page you need p:graphicText for?

Are there other known components that offer the same functionality as the p:graphicText but that do not suffer from this problem? Or is there another way to acquire the same functionality?

I think RichFaces offers a similar component. You could try that one.

But as the root cause of the problem is a Mojarra bug, you could either switch the JSF implementation and use MyFaces instead or you could patch the Mojarra issue and use the fixed JAR file. I already prepared a Mojarra patch but unfortunately the Mojarra bug tracker is currently in readonly mode due to the migration currently in progress.