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“Rewrite” is both. A configuration element in PrettyFaces and a separate project. :)

Let me explain:

There is PrettyFaces, which is a URL rewriting framework for JSF. PrettyFaces is very stable and I use it in many projects. In PrettyFaces you can use pretty-config.xml to define either URL-mappings or simple rewrite rules. These rewrite rule are built using the XML element <rewrite>. It allows to define simple rewriting rules similar to mod_rewrite.

To get PrettyFaces up and running, have a look at:

For your usecase you should also have a look at:

In your case you should use a configuration like this:

<url-mapping id="home">
<pattern value="/home" />
<view-id value="/index.xhml" />

Or if you want to use annotations:

@URLMapping(id = "home", pattern = "/home", viewId = "/index.xhtml")
public class HomeBean {
/* your code */

There is also a separate project called “Rewrite”. This project is the successor of PrettyFaces. It’s a complete new project and fixes many of the weaknesses of PrettyFaces. If you want to learn more about Rewrite have a look at the Rewrite site:


I hope this clears up the situation a bit. :)