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Thanks domdorn,

No, on the initial landing page, it is creating a session for EVERY resource request (on the home page, this means about 23 sessions on landing).

As I said, a very weird problem, if there are 8 resources, it creates 9 sessions (initial + 8), but once this has finished loading, regardless of what you navigate to, it never creates another session.

We’ve tried creating a landing page with NO resources, and it creates the initial session, and subsequent browsing does not create any more – regardless of pretty urls, or direct urls, for all subsequent requests.

But as said previously, this ONLY happens when the initial session is created via a pretty url.

All that said, we are now thinking (although still could be wrong), that this isn’t a PrettyFaces problem, as it only appears to happen when the user is either pre-authenticated by a google account, or has the ‘remember me’ cookie set.

So appears to be somehow related to Spring Security, with PrettyFaces urls.

The diagnosis continues……