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It ran into a similar problem some time ago. This is actually a container issue.

If Tomcat receives a request for /de/contact, it first checks if there is a directory with this name deployed with the webapp. This seems to be the case in your example. If Tomcat finds such a directory, it will immediately redirect the user to /de/contact/. But this will typically lead to a 404, because the rule doesn’t match anymore.

I know that this is totally weird. Some guy on the Tomcat mailing list wrote that this behavior is according to the spec. Unfortunately I don’t know which spec he referred to. Perhaps the Servlet spec? Or some RFC that specifies how to represent directories in an URL? I don’t know.

However, you can only fix this issue by either added the trailing / to your rule or by renaming the folder deployed with your webapp.

Let me know if this fixes your problem. :)