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Sorry, I forgot about your other questions:

The priority methods is used to assign a priority to each rule. The priority of the ConfigurationProvider is the default for all rules. Rules are evaluated in an order defined by this priority. You can use this if you want some rule to be checked before others.

There is a way to cache the Rewrite configuration so it is only built once. I cannot look up the class name right now. But I think it is something like ConfigurationCacheProvider or so. Have a look at the javadocs. There should be some documentation on how to enable caching.

Forwarding with an anchor won’t work. An anchor is never send with the request to the server. The anchor is just used by the browser to navigate to a specific part of the page after it has been loaded. So if you want the browser to scroll to a specific point in the page, you have to use the anchor even with the pretty URL.

I hope this helps. :)