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The mapping is like this:

<url-mapping id="themes">
<pattern value="/themes/#{lang : prettyManager.urlLangId}/#{siteId : prettyManager.urlSiteId}" />
<view-id value="themes.jsf" />
<action onPostback="false">#{prettyManager.processThemeList}</action>

<url-mapping id="themeSettings">
<pattern value="/themeSettings/#{lang : prettyManager.urlLangId}/#{siteId : prettyManager.urlSiteId}/#{themeId : prettyManager.urlThemeId}" />
<view-id value="themeSettings.jsf" />
<action onPostback="false">#{prettyManager.processThemeSettings}</action>

For the attribute rendered, it’s Netbeans which give me the completion. I have read that all the component inherit from rendered and id attribute.