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Yeah, I see! Now as I think more about my example I think it should work with both PrettyFaces and Rewrite. You are completely right!

However if I understood @ceefour correctly, his problem is a bit different. My example was misleading. Let me try to describe another example that is more similar to his use case.

Imagine the following two mappings:


So you have URLs like:


Now what @ceefour is trying to achieve is some kind of composite mapping:


Some code has to look into the database and find out if the name identifies a project or a user and then forwards/redirects to the correct URL:

/chkal        ->    /user/chkal
/prettyfaces -> /project/prettyfaces

@ceefour: Is this description correct?

I think something like this could be implemented with PrettyFaces 3.x either with a custom rewrite processor (like described above) or perhaps using dynaview?