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Hi Chkal,

Thank you for your explanation, I found this 100% clearer than the documentation. The first part I can get to work no problem, but my problem is more complex. I’m trying to map.

<url-mapping id=”dressesId”>

<pattern value=”/#{ pageUrl : prettyfacesNavigation.pageUrl }” />

<view-id>#{ pageDispatcher.viewOrEdit }</view-id>


This will allow my pageDispatcher to read the pattern and decide which view to return. However there are two large issues, the first is that the #{ pageUrl : prettyfacesNavigation.pageUrl } never gets replaced and is just put into the url bar (even though the getPageUrl method is called.

Also my problem is that now all urls coming through the filter will get picked up by this rule when I only want it to be used from urls that are being generated from the prettyfacesNavigation. Not to have urls to populate the prettyfacesNavigation.

I’ve currently found a bit of a hack to get around this by simply doing a redirect from the action method, however I would like to avoid this as it means another round trip and exiting the JSF lifecycle.