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The name of the channels are differents.

To resume i want to reproduce the breadcrumb in browser URL. So the path is different for every location, i can’t map all the available location of the website.

I probably need some page-action method who will parse Dynamically URL.

Now for the rewrite, i don’t want to create the breadcrumb. I prefer to make a

<h:link outcome=”channel.jsf” value=”#{}”>

<f:param name=”chanId” value=”#{}” />


and rewrite like http://whatever/firstSite/aChannel/aSubChannel/myGreatContent, if it’s possible.

If not, I can write something like

<h:outputLink value=”#{}”>#{}</outputLink>

Thanks for you reply. I hope I was clearer in the statement of my problem.

PS: in the documentation at 7.2, it’s missing a closing ” for the value attribute of your examples.