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In this example, my app infinity loop:

#{ /.*/ parameters : navigationBean.parameters}

And other, I see nothing special with my cases.

Hmm, strange. It really shouldn't happen that way. Do you think you could create a little example app that shows this? I'm very surprised by this actually, because this is how the code looks in PrettyPhaseListener:

if (!event.getFacesContext().getResponseComplete())
// run parameter validation

// abort if validation failed, 404 response code has already been set
if (event.getFacesContext().getResponseComplete())

// inject parameters

PrettyContext prettyContext = PrettyContext.getCurrentInstance(event.getFacesContext());
if (prettyContext.shouldProcessDynaview())
dynaview.processDynaView(prettyContext, event.getFacesContext());

This maybe need i extends or implements PrettyPhaseListener?