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Second problem generated ^^, i want create dynamic url like this:

so next, i create 3 controller: AController, BController, CController with 3 methods navigation, 3 properties in their:

private String url (include set-getter)
public String navigator(){}

Dynamic-a fine, but in dynamic-b stop, i see seem error similar previous. PrettyFaces call property direct instead of call setter method or navigator method, result is property null.


This is my code mapping:

url-mapping id="catalog" >
<pattern>/#{ AController.category }/</pattern>
<view-id>#{ AController.navigator }</view-id>

<url-mapping id="filmintro" parentId="catalog">
<pattern>/#{ BController.category }/</pattern>
<view-id>#{ BController.navigator }</view-id>

I don’t know need parentId in this case, but i still try.