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Sorry, but I don’t get your project to work. There were tons of absolute file paths in the dependencies (which I managed to fix) and the JDBC queries fail due to missing stored procedures. I really need a minimal example app if I should help you.

However I’m very sure that you didn’t include the correct dependency to you project. Please do the following:

  • Remove ALL PrettyFaces dependencies from your project.
  • Download this file: prettyfaces-jsf2-3.3.1-20110919.063144-23.jar
  • Add the JAR file to your dependencies.
  • Do a “Clean and Build” on the project
  • Deploy it and test it a again. The injection of the parameter should now happen before the view determination. Please note that only EL-injected path parameters work at the moment when using dynaview.

I hope this helps.