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In PrettyViewHandler deriveViewId() delegates to the parent ViewHandler provided by the faces implementation. It checks whether the *.xhtml file exits in the file system. In case it is not found null is returned and an error is printed out.

However the starting point is the PrettyNavigationHandler. It checks for the navigation case by delegating to

parent.getNavigationCase(context, fromAction, viewId)

In my case this condition is meet:

if ((outcome != null) && outcome.startsWith(PrettyContext.PRETTY_PREFIX) && config.isMappingId(outcome))

Of course my solution is not very generic. It just links to my own resource resolver which I have to use anyway since I am tied to servlet 2.5. Others may not run into this problem. But it would be nice to have a configuration switch for this.

Currently I does not know the pretty faces internals very well. Perhaps there is a better place for this.