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ok, here is what i did:

1- the dynamicView managedBean:


public class DynamicViewBean {

private String path;

public String getPath() {

return path;


public void setPath(String path) {

this.path = path;


public String getViewId() {

return “/” + path + “.xhtml”;



2- The pretty-config.xml:

<pretty-config xmlns=”″



<url-mapping id=”generic”>

<pattern value=”/#{dynamicViewBean.path}” />

<view-id value=”#{dynamicViewBean.getViewId }” />



3- NOTE: My xhtml pages are under the webapp folder directly, they are not in a subfolder views or stuff like that.

and i am still getting the same repeating error in eclipse console:

at com.ocpsoft.pretty.faces.config.annotation.AbstractClassFinder.processClass(

please advise.