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Dear Lincon,

Attached is a smaple project showing my implementation strategy for the DynaView solution m using. There is Source code also included, and a exploded WAR folder structure, with the root folder called “web”.

I ran the project on Tomcat 7 and it worked OK. NOTE: You will need to populate the WEB-INF/lib folder with:

Prettyfaces jsf2 3.3

Myfaces 2.1 + dependencies

Commons Lang 1.2+

Bascially, if you start the applicaiton and navigate to URL: <your-context>/admin/Test.htm, Pretty faces (using DynaView method) will rewrite the URL to “/WEB-INF/xhtml/Test.xhtml” and then my “Custom View Handler” will convert and “Action URLS” back from “WEB-INF/xhtml/Test.xhtml” to “/admin/Tetst.htm” … Its a rough example only, with some code removed which I felt was not relavent.

It does work for my specific usecase and means I dont need to configre each “view” I have in pretty-config.xml, but instead I can assume some sensible defaults.

With JSF 2 implicit navigation, this is working well.