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I’ve actually hacked this together somewhat, and so far it appears to be working for my use case. (Im not sure if this will inadventantly cuase other issue – but so far this seems to be working OK)

Firstly, I changed my Tomahawk menu navigation actions to be redirect actions ?faces-redirect=true&includeViewParams=true. (Not my ideal outcome)

I overloaded “restoreView” to detect if a DynaView was used originally to transform URL by PrettyFaces, and if so – then I attempted to get an instance of the DynaView (using my variable resolver) – and used the URL to restore the view.


public UIViewRoot restoreView(final FacesContext context, final String viewId)


PrettyContext prettyContext = PrettyContext.getCurrentInstance(context);


* If pretty faces has created this view via a DynaView mapping, this we should try to restore via the

* rewritten view and not the POST view. This may be different.


* For example, the posted URL might be "/admin/View.htm", but the actual View would be

* "WEB-INF/xhtml/view/View.xhtml" and JSF would have saved that view in the JSF State Manager.


* Its possible that we would get a ViewExpired Exception if we coudl not find the view in the state manager.


if ( prettyContext.isDynaviewProcessed() ) {

MacallaDelegatingVariableResolver macallaDelegatingVariableResolver =

new MacallaDelegatingVariableResolver(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getApplication().getVariableResolver());

DynamicViewBean dynamicViewBean = (DynamicViewBean)macallaDelegatingVariableResolver.resolveVariable( context, "dynamicViewBean");

return this.getWrapped().restoreView(context, dynamicViewBean.getViewId());


else {

// Otherwise delegate to default.

return this.getWrapped().restoreView(context, viewId);



I then overloaded the getActionURL method to kind of Reverse the inbound mapping with an outbound mapping that could transform “/WEB-INF/views/htmls/{Path}” to “/virtual/{Path}” URI.


public String getActionURL(FacesContext ctx, String viewId) {


* Normally JSF can work out the correct Action URL because it remains unchanged from a request URI.


* Because "pretty-faces" rewrited this URI JSF may start to calculate invalid URIs for actions because

* The URI view root has changed. I.e JSF might calculate /mp/WEB-INF/xhtml/views/View.xhtml - which will

* produce a 404.


* Solution is to use pretty faces to re-write an outbound URL if a "DynaView" is in use. PrettyFaces will tell

* us if DynaView in use via its API.


String url = this.getWrapped().getActionURL( ctx, viewId );

PrettyContext prettyContext = PrettyContext.getCurrentInstance(ctx);

if ( prettyContext.isInNavigation() && prettyContext.isDynaviewProcessed() ) {

String currentViewId = ctx.getViewRoot().getViewId();

UrlMapping mapping = prettyContext.getCurrentMapping();


* If the current View requested is not the same as the existing view, then we should dynamically

* re-write the outbound URL using the same process as the inbound dynaview mechanism.


if (!StringUtils.equals( currentViewId, viewId ) ) {

PrettyConfig config = prettyContext.getConfig();

// todo: is this needed?

ctx.getViewRoot().setViewId( viewId );

// Get a explicit mapping, coudl detect via URL -

// but probably not as obvious to others.

mapping = config.getMappingById("simple-generic");

injectPathParams(ctx, new URL(viewId), mapping );

DynaviewEngine dynaview = new DynaviewEngine();

url = prettyContext.getContextPath() + dynaview.calculateDynaviewId( ctx, mapping ) ;


else {

// Rewrite the current DynaForm URL.

ExtractedValuesURLBuilder builder = new ExtractedValuesURLBuilder();

url = prettyContext.getContextPath() + builder.buildURL(mapping) + builder.buildQueryString(mapping);



log.debug( "Action URL was " + viewId + " and is " + url );

return url;


Lastly, Added a new Virtual URL mapping..

<url-mapping id="generic">

<pattern value="/#{dynamicViewBean.context}/#{dynamicViewBean.path}" />

<view-id value="#{dynamicViewBean.getViewId }" />


<url-mapping id="simple-generic">

<pattern value="/WEB-INF/xhtml/views/#{actionViewBean.viewName}" />

<view-id value="#{actionViewBean.getViewId }" />


I think this is a bit of a hack which I may regret later – but I thikn for now ill use this to get started.

Lincoln if you have any feedback/improvement R.e approach and code please do share. Im completely new to JSF 2.