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Hi All –

I took a quick peek at the ADF code corresponding to the exception but had a tough time figuring out exactly what is happening to cause ADF to reach this funky state.

Just to make sure I understand the scope of the problem… It sounds like simple (non-dynamic) mappings are working okay (using the workaround that clemmonsm has documented to preserve ADF’s controller state). However, switching the same mapping to a dynamic view id blows up with the exception reported above.

If that is the case, I am curious whether there are any subtle differences in how PrettyFaces treats:

<url-mapping id="community">

<pattern value="/new-homes/#{bean.state}/#{}/find/communities/#{}/" />

<view-id value="/faces/pages/community.jspx" />



<url-mapping id="community">

<pattern value="/new-homes/#{bean.state}/#{}/find/communities/#{}/" />



Where #{bean} resolves to:



public class BoringBean {

public String getPath() {

return "faces/pages/community.jspx";



Do these result in the same RequestDispatcher.forward() call?