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Thank you for the response and for looping your ADF guys in. The scenario you detail sounds like it may be what is happening, I look forward to hearing their feedback.

In the meantime, I thought I would provide additional details around my use case for good measure:

The site pages for which I am attempting to use DynaViews are to show community and neighborhood details. Some neighborhoods are part of larger communities and some are not.

For the community page, the URL is as follows:

<url-mapping id="community">
<pattern value="/new-homes/#{bean.state}/#{}/find/communities/#{}/" />
<view-id value="/faces/pages/community.jspx" />

For the n’hoods that are part of this larger community, the URL is to include the community and neighborhood names, like so:

<url-mapping id="neighborhood">
<pattern value="/new-homes/#{bean.state}/#{}/find/communities/#{}/#{bean.neighborhood}/" />
<view-id value="/faces/pages/neighborhood.jspx" />

For the n’hoods that are not part of larger communities, the URL is to contain the neighborhood name, but no community name:

<url-mapping id="neighborhood-nocommunity">
<pattern value="/new-homes/#{bean.state}/#{}/find/communities/#{bean.neighborhood}/" />
<view-id value="/faces/pages/neighborhood.jspx" />

…and this is where I discovered the need for a DynaView. Initially, I attempted to redirect to “community” and “neighborhood-nocommunity” via Java code and quickly discovered that when I redirected to “neighborhood-nocommunity,” community.jspx was the page being loaded.

Assuming DynaViews are not compatible with ADF, is seems the most direct workaround would be to lobby for a business requirement change and redefine the n’hood only URL pattern to something like:

<url-mapping id="neighborhood-nocommunity">
<pattern value="/new-homes/#{bean.state}/#{}/find/neighborhood/#{bean.neighborhood}/" />
<view-id value="/faces/pages/neighborhood.jspx" />