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Hmm, that documentation is outdated. It should work fine with links now (unless you do some weird stuff like duplicate mappings.)

It’s very possible that this is the same issue that you experienced before, because DynaView does a servlet forward to a custom view-ID with no parameters, which prettyfaces then intercepts, and forwards again to the calculated URL. This would be an issue possibly because ADF may be invoking itself first (and crashing), which does not give prettyfaces a chance to do its work properly and send the proper request back to ADF.

I’m not sure how to resolve this one, though, if that’s the case, because this would imply that PrettyFaces needs knowledge of how ADF works, which, in this case, seems to be pretty unforunate ;)

Let me see if I can bring any of the ADF guys to take a look at this issue for you.