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I set up phase listener which is simplest. It is registered in faces-config.xml and the path is correct !!!

This listener is not invoked on any phase. Logger does not log anything.

How can it be?

Next, WITHOUT that register mapping in pretty-config.xml action method is invoked and I am redirected to correct page and data is persisted( it is exactly) regardless of browser notification.

BUT there is one thing to note. After I click that register button I have (but not always) notification from browser:

httpError: Http Transport returns a 0 transport code. This is usually the result of mixing ajax and full requests. This is usually undesired both for performance and data integrity reasons!

As I understand some error occurred. I don’t know what else to check but this error still occurs.

I set up try catch where something bad can happen. Nothing is logged about any error!

How can I catch the error because of which that notification appeares?

Please, help poor beginner!