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I don’t see any reason why postbacks shouldn’t work any more when using a pretty URL. I never had this kind of problem.

The typical root cause for action methods not being invoked any more is that some parent component of the button is rendered="false" when the postback is processed. Mostly this happens because request scoped beans lost their values. But you wrote that you are using view scope, right? You could (just for a test) set the scopes of all beans used by the page to session and try it again. If it works with this change, it is usually a scoping issue.

A strategy that I sometimes use to debug theses problems is to add a special PhaseListener implementation to my application that logs the start and end of each JSF phase. By looking at the logs one can then easily see, if the request processes the INVOKE_APPLICATION phase at all. If not, it is usually some kind of problem in the validation phase.

I hope this helps a bit.

Perhaps it is possible for you to trim down you app or create a minimal application that reproduces this issue? In this case I could have a look at your code.