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PrettyFaces is good and good!

That notification from browser was because my whole form is cramped up with ajax calls.

But submit button sends the full form through full request not partial( <f:ajax>).

This caused two rquests to be mixed. I found solution at

After I changed my command button to

<h:commandButton id=”registerButton” class=”registerButton” value=”Register” type=”submit” action=”#{registerBacking.create}”>

<f:ajax render=”@form” />


everything is working well. New user is persisted and I am redirected finally to needed page after register form.

When I commented away my register mapping in pretty-config.xml I still had that notification but application was working

well !!!

Why did phase listener log nothing I don’t want to say!

Can I ask you one more question?

How to allow mapping in pretty-config.xml to be used only within my site but not from path typed in browser

If user clicks link on my site this mapping is called, but this mapping is not called if user types path that matches pattern of the same mapping !!!

Thank you!