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Hey Sebastian,

This is actually something we’d really like to support. Unfortunately we don’t really have any good method to do this :( I think the best way to go is probably to add a locale parameter to the <url-mapping locales="DE,VE"/>, which would detect the current locale from various underlying frameworks via a service interface (see below) but coming up with a strategy for this would definitely be good.

We could create something like this for use within prettyfaces to help resolve teh locale:

public interface com.ocpsoft.pretty.faces.spi.LocaleResolver
public Locale getLocale();

So for JSF for instance, the resolver would need to ask JSF what the current locale is set to. These resolvers would be iterated over until a locale is found. If no resolver returns a locale, default to the current system locale.

Want to put together a prototype for this and see what happens??